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5 Highest Individual Scores in World Cup ODI Cricket is an interesting list to look for. The World Cup is a great cricket platform where the best teams from around the globe compete for the ultimate glory. Over the years, some outstanding individual performances have left a lasting impact on the tournament’s history. One such aspect that has captivated fans is the highest individual scores in World Cup. 

The highest individual score in World Cup belongs to Martin Guptill from New Zealand. This biggest cricket tournament has some of the most incredible batters who have showcased their skills and sheer brilliance on the field. 

Look at the top five highest individual scores in World Cup and the highest run scorers at each World Cup edition.

Highest Individual Scores in World Cup (Every Edition)

World Cup with the best talents from across the world. Over the years, many legendary players left their names in the history of the World Cup by scoring big runs. These top run-scorers have contributed to their teams’ success and left an impact on the tournament. Check out the leading run scorers in each World Cup season. 

World CupBatsmanCountryRunsAverage
1975Glenn TurnerNew Zealand333166.50
1979Gordon GreenidgeWest Indies25384.33
1983David GowerEngland38476.80
1987Graham GoochEngland47158.87
1992Martin CroweNew Zealand45664
1996Sachin TendulkarIndia52387.16
1999Rahul DravidIndia46165.86
2003Sachin TendulkarIndia67361.18
2007Matthew HaydenAustralia 65973.22
2011Tillakaratne DilshanSri Lanka50062.50
2015Martin Guptill New Zealand54768.37
2019Rohit Sharma India64881

ODI World Cup 2023 is approaching. Stay tuned to witness the highest run-scorer this season. 

Top 5 Highest Individual Scores in World Cup

In the World Cup, many players have scored amazingly. Look at the top five highest individual scores in World Cup history.  

  • Martin Guptill:

The highest individual scorer is Martin Guptill from New Zealand, who scored 237 runs in 163 balls in the 2015 World Cup against West Indies at Wellington. He etched his name into cricket history with this exceptional score. His innings included 24 fours and 11 sixes. Look at his overall performance – 

Match DateTeamRunsOppositionStrike Rate4s6s
21st March 2015New Zealand237*West Indies145.392411
  • Chris Gayle:

In the 2015 edition of the tournament, Chris Gayle from West Indies smashed an astonishing 215 runs against Zimbabwe at Canberra. His innings were a power-hitting masterclass, as he struck 16 sixes and 10 fours. Gayle’s record-breaking knock helped West Indies score 372 runs and set up a convincing victory for his team.

Match DateTeamRunsOppositionStrike Rate4s6s
24th February 2015West Indies215Zimbabwe146.251016
  • Gary Kirsten:

In the 1996 edition of the World Cup, Gary Kirsten hit his way to a magnificent 188* runs in 159 balls against U.A.E at Rawalpindi. His outstanding performance helped South Africa score a formidable total and set up a success for his team. 

Match DateTeamRunsOppositionStrike Rate4s6s
16th February 1996South Africa188*U.A.E118.23134
  • Sourav Ganguly:

Another legendary score in World Cup history stands out is Sourav Ganguly’s 183 against Sri Lanka in 1999. He is one of the greatest batters ever, reaching this score in 158 balls. His batting skills showcased his ability to dominate the opposition. Ganguly’s record-breaking innings played a crucial role in India’s victory and helped the team score 373 runs. 

Match DateTeamRunsOppositionStrike Rate4s6s
26th May 1999India183Sri Lanka115.82177
  • Viv Richards:

In the 1987 World Cup, Viv Richards from West Indies scored 181 in 125 balls against Sri Lanka in Karachi. His outstanding performance helped the team to achieve 360 while bringing success to the team. Look at his overall performance in the tournament. 

Match DateTeamRunsOppositionStrike Rate4s6s
13th October 1987West Indies181Sri Lanka144.80167

Concluding Thoughts on Highest Individual Scores in World Cup 

The highest individual score is a testament to the greatest batters’ talent. These players have showcased their skills and determination while leaving an indelible mark in history. We might witness more talents with outstanding individual scores as the tournament grows. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who Made the Highest Individual Score in World Cup?

Martin Guptill from New Zealand has the highest individual score, i.e., 237 runs in World Cup. 

Who is the Highest Scorer in the 1975 World Cup?

Glenn Turner from New Zealand scored 333 runs in the 1975 World Cup and became the highest run scorer.