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CricketBetting.info is a modern-day, independent website, which lists various online cricket betting websites, after carefully reviewing all the elements. We are one of the leading online cricket betting partners in India.

We love cricket as much as you do. We have a team of cricket experts, cricket fanatics and cricket addicts. From hand-cricket to turf-cricket, at CricketBetting.info, we all love every aspect of the game.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pick and recommend the best sites for cricket betting based on user-centric parameters to ensure that users will have the best cricket betting experience.

Our Vision 

To make online cricket betting in India safe, secure, smooth & satisfactory for all.

Why choose CricketBetting.info? 

CricketBetting.info provides a comprehensive list of cricket betting sites. But this shouldn’t be the only reason for choosing us.

Here are the various key factors that make us who we are.


We are very transparent in our work. We give out the various criteria which we take into consideration while picking a particular cricket betting website. There is no affiliation, no hidden agenda and no objectives.

Regular Updation: 

We update the list of websites we have picked, on a regular basis based on their active offers, changes if any and their customer reviews.

This could be on a weekly basis or a monthly basis.


Everything stems from research in this world of data. We ensure to be accurate through our meticulous process of shortlisting the cricket betting sites and provide credible information. This quality makes more users believe in us and we value their trust.

Team of Experts: 

We have a team of experts who stay at the top of what’s happening in the world of cricket. This means you get a clear and concise analysis of each match which in turn benefits our users. We have dedicated teams and resources for each format of the game.

What Cricketbetting.Info Offers?

We offer a lot of services to our customers, those who are betting on cricket. Best sites, accurate predictions, real-time updates and tips: all at a free of cost. That’s the reason, we are a leading online cricket betting partner.

Here are the top five things we offer:

Latest News: 

We provide the latest news, views and reviews to the users who are eager to bet on cricket matches.

Our users are always informed about the latest situation and usually make the right decision while placing a bet.

Preview & Predictions: 

Besides, we also provide accurate match analysis in our preview and predictions.

We cover everything: stats, scores and situations.

Cricket Betting Tips:

For every match or tournament, we provide holistics cricket betting tips. We have holistic guides to each aspect of cricket betting.

List of Platforms & Promotions 

We curate the list of site where you can place bets on cricket. Along with that, you get the details of the bonuses, offers and promotions which are active on those sites.


Yes. You read that right. We offer you more time. We take the responsibility of checking all the sites, doing comparisons and handpicking the best sites. You can focus on your cricket betting journey, having a quality time.

Cricketbetting.info plays a huge role in ensuring great customer experience in the online cricket betting market where credibility plays a separating factor.