Top Five All-Rounders to Watch Out for in Asia Cup 2023

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Asia cup

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The Asia Cup 2023, which will kick off on August 30 in Pakistan, will see some of the top Asian teams taking on each other.

India will be taking on the likes of Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the tournament and will rely on their batters to get them through the initial stage. Nevertheless, it will be the all-rounders who will play a key role in the middle.

The pitches in Sri Lanka, which is the venue for the Asia Cup, favour the spinners, and some of the spin all-rounders will come into play.

Let’s find out the best all-rounders to watch out for in Asia Cup 2023, their potential, their key stats and analysis

Who Are The Top Five All-Rounders to watch out for in Asia Cup 2023?

We will take a look at the five all-rounders to watch out for in Asia Cup 2023, beginning with India’s Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel. They will be followed by Pakistan’s Shadab Khan, and Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan is the fourth player. Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan is the fifth player on our list.

Ravindra Jadeja (India) – Best All-rounder to Bet On

India’s top spin all-rounder is the first name on our list. Jadeja is a wonderful spinner who not only bowls his overs in a lightning-quick manner but is also lightning-quick on the field.

  • Jadeja is a finger spinner who is also a southpaw. This helps create an angle against the right-hander, which in turn converts into wickets.
  • ‘Jaddu’ is also a terrific fielder as well as a batter. He usually bats lower down the order, like at number 7, where he helps finish things off for the team.

 In the upcoming Asia Cup, teams will be wary of Jadeja.

Axar Patel (India):

The second name on the list is Axar Patel. Patel is a lot like Jadeja. 

  • Alongside Jadeja, Patel is expected to bat at eight and will come in handy with the bat in case the front-line batters are having a bad day.
  • Patel is a lot flatter through the air and can be quick.
  • His fielding is above average, which makes him a multi-utility player.

Shadab Khan (Pakistan):

Watch out for Shadab Khan as well. Khan, who spends most of his time playing in global T20 leagues, is a street-smart cricketer.

  • He can also be a destructive finisher with the bat.
  • He has played 56 ODIs and went on to take 73 wickets, with a best figure of 4/28.

Shakib al Hasan (Bangladesh):

Bangladesh’s veteran cricketer, Shakib Al Hasan, will also play a key role for his side.

The former captain has played 235 ODI games and taken 305 wickets in his entire career.

The veteran is an awesome spinner and bowls a lot flatter, with pace being his primary weapon of choice.

He also bats in the middle order and usually anchors the innings where it matters the most.

His batting skills can be very well judged by the fact that he has 7211 ODI runs, which came at an average of 37.

Shakib will know the conditions very well since he took part in the Lanka Premier League recently.

Rashid Khan (Afghanistan):

If Bangladesh has Shakib-al-Hasan, then Afghanistan has Rashid Khan. Just like Shakib, Rashid spends a lot of time in India. In fact, he won the IPL trophy with the Gujarat Titans in their maiden season.

His batting is sharp, and he can quickly turn himself into one of the most effective finishers for Afghanistan during the Asia Cup.

Moreover, his street-smart bowling also adds to his CV.

In 89 ODIs, he has accounted for 167 wickets, with a best figure of 7/18.

Final Thoughts on All-rounders to watch out for in Asia Cup 2023

The above-mentioned names are among the best spin all-rounders that exist currently.

Not only can these players bowl well, but they can also field well and double up as finishers for their respective teams.

All these players are going to play key roles for their teams. Indian fans will be keeping a close eye on the likes of Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel, who will be crucial to the team’s success in the Asia Cup.

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Who Are the Top Five All-rounders to Watch Out For In Asia Cup 2023?

The five all-rounders to watch out for are: Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Rashid Khan, Shakib al Hasan and Shadab Khan.

Who Will be India’s All Rounders in the Asia Cup?

Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja will be India’s all rounders.

Who Will be the All-Rounder in the Pakistan Side?

Shadab Khan will be the all rounder in the Pakistan side.