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The 2023 ODI World Cup is played in the sub-continent. Since the pitches in India will be high-scoring, excellent fielding will be nothing short of rewarding. A nice dive or throwing the body in the middle to save a boundary will make all the difference. In the end, these saved runs will come in handy. 

5 Top Five Fielders in World Cup 2023

Usually, teams like Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand used to have great fielders, but now Asian teams like India have also upped their game. That’s why Indian fielders dominate the list. Here are the five top fielders who are expected to make an impact in the ODI World Cup 2023

  1. Ravindra Jadeja
  2. Virat Kohli 
  3. Glenn Phillips 
  4. David Warner 
  5. Hardik Pandya 

Here’s a brief look at the top five fielders in World Cup 2023: 

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is someone who is total value for money. The 34-year-old usually fields in the outer circle, where he takes a superb catch and throws his body around, which helps save those extra runs.

He is also very precise when aiming at the stumps. He dives at the ball like a cheetah, picks it up, and aims at the stumps, shattering it on multiple occasions. This drill has become very common with Jadeja.

Virat Kohli

Former India captain Virat Kohli is 34, yet he is fast on the field. Like Jadeja, he also fields on the outer circle and usually dives around to make crucial saves. Moreover, he can also take superb catches to get India a breakthrough against the run of play. 

Kohli also fields at slips, where his superb catching skills are always handy. However, of late, he has made some mistakes on the field. Nonetheless, he still has it to become one of the best fielders in the ODI World Cup, setting up examples for others to follow.

David Warner 

Interestingly, another guy in his late thirties has made it to our list – David Warner, who has kept fit even at this age. He is quite capable of taking those diving catches; moreover, he also has a sharp eye, and that’s why he takes correct aim at the stumps, giving breakthroughs against the run of play.

A veteran of three ODI World Cups, he will bat the opposition out of the match and create pressure with his outstanding fielding. He has played 150 ODIs, taking 63 catches. But don’t judge him by these numbers; his impact exceeds manifolds in the field.

Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips is one of the rare street-smart cricketers who can adapt to conditions and innovate simultaneously. A good example was the crouch position during the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia when mankading incidents were rising. 

Phillips can be an excellent fielder, too. He reaches the ball very quickly. Moreover, the Kiwi batter often leaps around in the air and saves sixes. That’s why he always manages the boundary region. In his short ODI career, he has taken several catches, but the numerous diving efforts that have saved many boundaries are not included.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a vital cog in India’s’ campaign in the ODI World Cup. Since he is an excellent all-rounder, the team would need some performance with the bat and the ball. However, he is sharp on the field, too. 

One of the fittest cricketers in this Indian team, Haridhik, is a swift mover. He can fling himself in the air, plucking out some improbable catches. The 30-year-old will be the key for India’s campaign, and what could be better if he could contribute with some fantastic fielding?

Concluding Thoughts

Thanks to their sublime fitness, the five names mentioned above have taken their fielding to the next level. Some of them, like the Warner and Kohli, are in their late thirties yet have set the bar so high. The youngsters at the World Cup will have stiff competition from experienced pros in the upcoming ODI World Cup.

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