Bet365 Halts Its Services in India: Where to Bet Now Online?

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Betting enthusiasts in India have been used to the Bet365 platform for their online betting and gambling needs. The recent exit of the Bet365 platform from the Indian market has left many players surprised. Many scenarios are running through Indian bettors’ minds as to why Bet365 exited the Indian market, leaving them to find alternatives for Bet365.

Go through and find where to bet now and where many online gamblers started placing bets online. 

Possible Reasons Why Bet365 Stopped Its Operations in India

Bet365 decided to stop its services in India on 21st August, an announcement that came as a shock to Bet365 users and other bettors in the country. This unexpected move has left many confused, especially because nobody has an idea of the reasons behind the move.

Some speculations and insider information say that Bet365 departed the Indian market because of the regulatory challenges and complexity of financial transactions associated with the Indian banks.

Transactions and Indian Banks – Challenges

Reports claim that Bet365 faced challenges with respect to facilitating financial transactions with various Indian banks. Bet365 seemed to face many hurdles when it came to compliance with KYC, cross-border transactions, and currency conversion.

Indian banks are in compliance with strong financial regulations, which may have caused them further challenges in processing transactions associated with gambling activities and online betting.

What About Bet365 Withdrawals? Can I withdraw my winnings?

Once the Bet365 platform made an announcement of its exit from the Indian market, it also provided a window for Indian users to withdraw their money from the platform. 

Bet365 users from India will have the chance to withdraw their money until 4th September, after which the withdrawal services will stop completely.

What are the Best Alternatives Available for Bet365 Users?

The exit of Bet365 from the Indian market has left a void, but there are many alternatives that users can explore. You can explore various alternatives and pick one based on your betting style. Select a betting platform that has multiple sports to bet on and an array of casino games.

As the cricketing season starts you may explore all the top cricket betting sites in India. 

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Guide for Indian Bettors After the Bet365 Issue

Now that the Bet365 era is over, many Indian bettors will be looking for a new platform. The following is a guide for online bettors:

  • Select a trusted betting platform.
  • Know the betting markets.
  • Register with all the details.
  • Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal processes.
  • Explore bonuses and promotions.
  • Responsible betting and gambling.
  • Formulate betting strategies.
  • Stay updated with the latest sports news.
  • Efficient and effective 24/7 customer support.
  • Pick a platform that offers an exciting betting experience.

Concluding Thoughts

The exit of Bet365 from the Indian market has left users wondering. While there is a sense of disappointment among Bet365 users in India, there is also an opportunity to switch to a better online sports betting and casino platform.

As bettors begin their journey beyond Bet365, they need to make sure that the platform they pick is safe, offers responsible gambling, has an array of sports betting and casino game options, and offers amazing promotions and bonuses.


Why did Bet365 stop its operations in India?

Bet365 stopped its operations in India on 21st August, 2023. The main reason behind halting the services is regulatory challenges and the complications associated with the financial transactions with respect to Indian banks.

Can I withdraw my money from the Bet365 account?

You can withdraw your money from the Bet365 account till 4th September, 2023.