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Cricket betting rates are significant if you plan to bet on any cricket match. Over the years, cricket betting has increased in the country, and with the advent of the IPL, it has become even more popular. To understand cricket betting better, the bettors must understand the concept of betting rates.

What are Cricket Betting Rates?

Cricket betting rates, or match odds, are the most important numbers in cricket betting. If punters want to bet on a match, they would have a closer look at the betting rates of the particular team. It also determines your profit on the initial wager. Different bookmakers have different cricket betting odds.

How to Calculate Cricket Betting Rates? 

Calculating cricket betting rates is easy. The online betting platforms list odds for the respective betting market. Let us look at an example of how to calculate cricket betting rates: 

India is playing Pakistan in an ODI match. The odds or the betting rate for an India victory is 1.50, and if you wish to place a bet of ₹200, the probable winnings from your bet is ₹300 (1.50 x 200).  Let us assume Pakistan will win the match, and the betting rate for a Pakistan win is 3.20. If you bet ₹200 on a Pakistan win, the probable winnings from your bet is ₹640 (3.20 x 200). 

There are many odds formats – Decimal (1.30), Fractional (1/3), and American (-300). Almost all online gaming platforms provide different odds formats. You can choose to view the odds in your preferred format. 

Factors Affecting Cricket Betting Rates

Online cricket betting rates keep changing because a live match depends on multiple factors. In this section, we will take a look at the numerous factors that are responsible for cricket betting :

  • Absence of Key Players:

    If a team plays without their big names, it could affect that team’s cricket betting rates. E.g., India is playing West Indies in a T20I match. The Men in Blue are considered overwhelming favorites against the Caribbean nation. However, the odds will change if they play without the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, etc.  

A full-strength India’s winning odds will be around 1.10. But if they play a second-string team, it will be higher. Also, it means the West Indies’ chance of winning increases. In short, both teams’ match odds will be similar. 

  • Player Form

The match result is not the only popular betting market in online cricket betting. There are various other options for cricket fans to bet on. You can bet on whether a hundred or how many fifties will be scored in a match. A team with batters struggling for runs in the last few games would mean that batters are unlikely to register big scores.  

The player form is essential while placing money on such kinds of bets. E.g. Virat Kohli has scored a hundred against West Indies recently. He will likely score another hundred the next time India plays a Test match. In that case, the cricket betting rate will be low for a betting market like A Hundred Score in a Match. 

  • Pitch Conditions

A cricket pitch’s role in deciding odds is crucial, no matter a team’s recent form. It has a significant impact on . E.g., India is hosting England in a five-match Test series at home. Though England is in top form, India will be considered favorites. 

Odds will be low for an India victory while high for an England win. It is because India will play on their home turf and boasts some quality spinners. Meanwhile, England has been impressive under Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum but remains the underdogs in sub-continent conditions. 

The above are three crucial rates that can affect online cricket odds.

Cricket Matches

Online betting platforms host many cricket matches daily. While international matches and T20 leagues are the most popular among cricket bettors, online platforms also host domestic and local matches.  

Here’s a list of popular tournaments:  

  1. Indian Premier League
  2. T20 World Cup
  3. Big Bash League 
  4. Pakistan Super League 
  5. Caribbean Premier League 
  6. ODI World Cup 
  7. International T20 matches 
  8. The Hundred 

The tournaments listed above have witnessed massive interest from cricket bettors.  

Concluding Thoughts

Cricket betting rates or odds are one of the most exciting elements in betting. Good knowledge of odds helps make the betting process smoother, entertaining, and enriching for cricket enthusiasts.  

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FAQs about Cricket Betting Rates

What is a cricket betting rate?

Cricket betting rate or odds means the probability of an event happening during a cricket match. 

How to calculate cricket betting rates? 

To calculate winnings, you must multiply the odds by your bet amount. E.g., if your bet amount is ₹250 and odds is 3.50, the probable winnings is ₹875 (3.50 x 250)  

What are some of the factors that influence cricket betting rates?

The absence of key players, player form, and pitch conditions affect the odds.