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Fancy Bet in cricket, as the name suggests, adds fun and fancy to the online cricket betting experience. 

In the world of exchanges and sportsbooks debates, fancy bets take them all and stand as a one-stop solution for those who actively indulge in online cricket betting. 

What is Fancy Bet in Cricket? | 

Fancy bet in cricket is an extra and extraordinary betting option if you look for thrill and adrenaline rush in your gambling endeavour. 

This category of betting can also be called “live” or “in-match” betting. 

How does Fancy Bet Market work? 

Fancy bet market in cricket retains the process of regular online cricket gambling. The Back & Lay option of Exchanges is duly incorporated, while the Positive & Negative odds of sportsbooks are diligently added. 

  • Fancy market works based on fixed odds for two opposite outcomes. 
  • You can place bets on both outcomes. 
  • Based on the match situation, the betting options increase. 
  • It is applicable to all formats of cricket. 

Benefits of Fancy Cricket Betting Market

Superficially, if you look at this kind of betting market, it seems easy, simple and transparent. It will never confuse a novice cricket enthusiast and it always adds leverage for a betting pro. 

Other than these apparent benefits, there are some key aspects and factors associated with Fancy cricket betting market. 

 Allows you to place bets during a match 

            The major setback for many online gamblers is that they have to make decisions well ahead of the match for straight bets. 

            For example: To find out who would win the game, when two equally competent teams are playing, it is always tricky. Even if you place your bets during a match, you have to wait till the end of the match to find out the result. 

            On Fancy betting market, you can pick any of the bets at any time. If you feel a batsman will score big today and he gets out, you have a chance to bet on another player instantly. 

    Enables you to make informed decisions based on match situation 

You can enjoy the match and keep your predicting-glasses on. As and when you get a spark, you can place bets. In addition to that, the fancy bet provider will also give you new options to choose from. 

Strengthens your multi-bet strategy 

If you are inclined toward placing multiple bets, Fancy bet is the best option for you in cricket betting. In any other market, your options are less. You have to depend on and operate only with the available options. That’s not the case with the Fancy market. 

Minimizes risks, as you can do hedging 

Assume that you have placed a bet based on your intuition, not on research. You can take out the existing bet, but you can place another bet against your initial prediction. You don’t lose your capital fully, if you do so. 

This term is called “Hedging” which is popular in the Stock Trading sector. 

Martingale Strategy for Fancy Bets 

Martingale strategy is not pertaining only to casinos. It is a derivation from finance management. It is about doubling your bet amount, until you win. The moment you win, you can get back to your initial stake amount. If you do so for any 50:50 cricket odds, you will not lose in the short run. 

Popular options available on Fancy Bet in Cricket 

The options are endless, however there are a few well-known and much-celebrated choices available on the Fancy cricket betting market. 

The values are subject to change, yet it will give you a fair idea of what to expect. 

  • How much a batsman would score at the end of 10 overs? 
  • Will Team A score 100 in 13 overs? 
  • Who will win the Toss today? 
  • How many fours will be hit by both teams?
  • How many runs would be scored by the openers? 

The list will continue, focusing on bowlers, batters, fielders and the entire team. 

Our verdict | Fancy bet is good for cricket betting or not? 

It is undoubtedly the best option to go to, if you want to minimize risks and aspire to get consistent profit. 

Make your online cricket betting portfolio diversified with Fancy betting.