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For the last five years or so, the men in blue have been at the pinnacle of their success when it comes to the game of cricket. Much of this success does come due to the presence of excellent coaching staff, be it the head coach or that of a bowling, fielding, or batting coach as well. In every department of the game of cricket, the men in blue have maintained an elite standard.

 They have not only won games on home soil but have also won major bilateral tournaments, even abroad. All this they have achieved due to the continuous presence of coach like that of Rahul Dravid.

 In this blog, we will particularly discuss whether Team India does need a coach or not.

 Yes is the answer, especially for a country like India, whose second most popular sport is cricket. The men in blue have achieved grandeur since there is a community of mentors that help to groom and prepare all kinds of players, be it a star player like Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli, or a newcomer like Prashid Krishna, Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan, or Mohammad Siraj. In other words, a coach like Rahul Dravid help all these players to not only raise the bar of their game but also learn the ins and outs of this wonderful sport.

Role of a Coach in the Game of Cricket:

For the last decades and so, the role and function of a cricket coach, especially in the Indian team, have appeared to be controversial topics. Most of the experts are of the opinion that their role is overstated, while some think that a coach is responsible for making or breaking the game. Especially in India, they have not been given the same importance as their football counterparts. Despite all these, there are numerous reasons why presence of Rahul Dravid appears to be an indispensable factor in the success of an international team like India.

 Previously, coaches like John Wright and Gary Kirsten used to follow routine methods when it came to coaching Indian players like Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. As a result, the success rate of winning matches appears to be a bit lower than what they have achieved under the mentorship of Rahul Dravid.

 Nowadays, coach like Dravid instiledl a positive attitude within the team. As a result, the winning percentage of the men in blue has gone around 50 percent, especially when it comes to the white ball formats.

Coaching Chisels Players 

In the present scenario, Indian coach like Rahul Dravid are not only meant to completely transform a player, but he is also considered as a magician who have miraculously helped the men in blue win matches on home soil as well as abroad. He knows that all the players who get selected for the national team possess certain skills, and with the help of him, these players not only upskill their skills but also become masters in their own roles, which they perform with the utmost ease. At times, he advise all the players to follow their instincts and play their natural games as much as possible. Before grooming a particular player, he always try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and every player. Last but not least, it is through his excellent mentoring skills that he have helped the men in blue to achieve great success despite facing all the criticism.

The right coach not only attracts players but allow them to play their natural games

Indian coach like Rahul Dravid always follow strict team management rules, due to which the Indian team has achieved so much success in recent years. In fact, the main mantra of Rahul Dravid is to allow the player to play their natural games so that they can achieve success at a greater height. He always advises the young players within the team to follow certain game rules and always work out their skills whenever they get a chance to represent their national side. A world-class cricket coach like Rahul Dravid will always tell the players to follow their own game tactics and play the game in their own way. In other words, the players should come up with creative cricketing skills in order to not only win the match for their team but also be a champion in their own way.

Creating the Right Environment

An Indian coach like Rahul Dravid always tells the players to play their natural game and grooms them to become champions. In other words, he creates a positive environment in order to keep the team on track simply by giving the players enough space to air their concerns. In one word, a coach always leads from the front, and a great coach like Rahul Dravid always admits that it is the 80 percent skill of the player that enabled the team to win a particular match. But in reality, a great coach leads from behind, and it is 20 percent of their strategy that enables his team to win the match.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that a great Indian coach like Rahul Dravid has not only led the team from behind but also helped the men in blue to make winning their own habit. In other words, he solely believes that great players become great under the careful mentorship of a good coach. Knowing your strengths is not something a player can gauge on their own. Further, it is the eye and vision of a coach like Rahul Dravid that automatically transform a team like India into a champion.

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