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Dominating a match may be a little difficult, but dominating an entire series is definitely a herculean task. Find out the top 3 batsmen who got the most runs in a world cup tournament.  

These three batters, two Indians and one Aussie, are leading the charts of Most runs in a single ODI world cup series.  

How many runs did they score, and how did they achieve this? Let’s analyze the stats, performance and players. 

Three Batters with the Most Runs In A World Cup 

The top 3 batsmen who scored the most runs in a single world cup series. 

  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Matthew Hayden

These stalwarts had the most individual runs in a single world cup tournament.

While Tendulkar smashed 673 runs in the 2003 ODI World Cup, which is still a record to this day, Hayden, with 659 runs, is second on the list. He is followed by Rohit, who had 648 runs in the 2019 ODI World Cup.

Sachin Tendulkar (2003 ODI World Cup) – #1 Most Runs in a World Cup

Played in South Africa, this tournament saw Sachin at his very best. Tendulkar was 29 then and at his peak. 

  • He started the tournament with a 52-run knock against the Netherlands and didn’t look back.
  • The scores of 81, 152, and 98 lit up the tournament. 
  • He failed in the big final against Australia, but then he created a record by smashing 673 runs in 11 matches at the ODI World Cup, which still remains a record to this day.
  • He hit one hundred and six fifties, with the runs coming at an average of 61.

Matthew Hayden (2007 ODI World Cup) – #2 Most Runs in a single World Cup

The next best individual run tally at the ODI World Cup belongs to Australia’s Matthew Hayden, who accounted for 659 runs in 11 matches.

  • Opening up, Hayden started the tournament with a brisk 60-run knock against Scotland before picking up the pace.
  • He would go on to smash 101 against South Africa, 158 against the West Indies, and 103 against New Zealand.
  • By the time Australia won the trophy, he had accumulated 659 runs in 11 matches at a stupendous average of 73.

Rohit Sharma (2019 ODI World Cup) – #3 Most Runs in a World Cup

Tendulkar’s compatriot Rohit Sharma is the third name on this list. He smashed 648 runs in 9 matches which included as many as five hundreds and one fifty.

  • Rohit started the tournament against South Africa with a hundred and then continued against Pakistan, where he again scored a century. 
  • This was followed by another century in England. 
  • Then came a couple of centuries against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the final group games.

By the time he was done, he had accumulated five centuries.

  • 122*
  • 140
  • 102
  • 104
  • 103

 He accumulated 648 runs with an average of 81!

Final Thoughts

All three batsmen in the list of most runs in a world cup tournament are completely contrasting case studies.

Tendulkar scored just one century and yet managed to score 673 runs, which still remain unbreakable.

On the other hand, his compatriot Rohit Sharma smashed five centuries at the 2019 edition and yet fell short of Sachin, however, his average was 81!

Meanwhile, Matthew Hayden had a method to his madness. He would be the luckiest of them, as he would not only smash these many runs but would also go on to lift the trophy with Australia.

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Who Are the Three Best Batters in ODI World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar, Matthew Hayden and Rohit Sharma.

Who Was the Highest Run Getter in 2003 ODI World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar (673 runs)

Who Was the Highest Run Getter in 2019 ODI World Cup?

Rohit Sharma.