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Types of duck out in cricket as a topic has got the trend, of late. After the roller-coaster IPL season, it has become even more prominent in the cricket fraternity. 

At Adelaide Oval, the ground staff started showing a duck egg-shaped 0 at the top and bottom of the scoreboards to indicate those who get out without scoring. They popularized the term worldwide, as the audience picked it up for anyone who gets out in 0, it was called as “Duck”

Go through a brief overview, meanings of all types of duck out in cricket, list of players who got duck out overall international matches, and in the IPL. 

Overview of Duck Outs – Preamble to Types Of Duck Out In Cricket

When the King of the United Kingdom, Edward VII, played cricket, this expression first appeared in print. 

  • In July 1866, an exhibition match was played. When Edward, a player for  Zingari, went onto the field for his team, many in attendance had high expectations for him. 
  • However, it was just a fleeting moment, as the batter got bowled out within a few seconds and did not score any runs.
  • According to a Daily Times correspondent who had been at the match to document the event, it is uncertain whether references to a “duck egg” in lieu of the number zero existed prior to this report.

Consequently, this is the first documented use of the phrase, and since its first appearance in the Daily Times, the phrase has gained popularity in the game and has been extensively used ever since.

After the regrettable dismissal of the Prince of Wales in 1866, the first recorded duck out in an official test match occurred in March 1877. Australia’s Ned Greggory holds this compromised record after being dismissed for nought by England’s James Lillywhite.

What is a Duck Out? – What are the different types of Duck outs in Cricket?

Duck out refers to a situation, when a batter gets out without scoring any runs in that particular game. 

However, as time went on, more and more versions of the phrase got into the game. It could be based on the following: 

  • When the batter got out?
  • How the batter got out?

Here’s a list of some of the most well-known kinds of duck used in cricket.

Golden Duck – One of the most familiar types of duck out in Cricket

This is a term that is perhaps the most often used. The “Golden duck” occurs when the batter gets out from the game on the very first ball they encounter in an innings. 

Silver Duck in Cricket

It is when a batter gets out in the second ball of his or her innings. You have probably never heard this word used by a cricket host or player. 

Bronze Duck in Cricket

The term “bronze duck” refers to the situation in which a batter loses his/her wicket on the third ball faced.

Diamond Duck

If a batter loses his or her wicket without facing a legitimate delivery, then it is said to be  a “diamond duck.”

Royal Duck

It is referred to when the opener of a team is out on the very first ball of that team’s innings. 

Laughing Duck

Well, it refers to the situation in which a batsman gets run out for 0 runs on the very last ball of the innings.  

Regular Duck

A player is considered to have completed a ‘duck’ when they have faced a minimum of four balls before their elimination from play. There is no prefix that comes before the word “duck.” It is simply a “duck.”


In test matches, batters get a chance to bat in two innings. If he or she gets outs for 0 in both innings, that is called as “Pair”. 

King Pair

When referring to a test match, “king pair” occurs when a batsman is out on the first ball that they encounter in each of the game’s two innings and does not score any runs.

Who holds the record for Most Ducks in Overall International Cricket?

No cricket player would set out to break the record for having their name associated with the most ducks throughout their career.

The following players hold the record for the most ducks scored in the history of international cricket across all formats (ODI, Test, and T20)

  1. Muttiah Muralitharan (59 Ducks)
  2. Courtney Walsh (54 Ducks)
  3. Sanath Jayasuriya (53 Ducks)
  4. Glen McGrath (49 Ducks)
  5. Mahela Jayawardene (47 Ducks)

Most Ducks in the History of IPL (Updated till 2023) 

Dinesh Karthik leads the chart, as he got out for a Duck more than once in 2023 IPL. 

  • Dinesh Karthik (17 Ducks)
  • Rohit Sharma (16 Ducks)
  • Sunil Narine (15 Ducks)
  • Mandeep Singh (15 Ducks)
  • Piyush Chawla (14 Ducks)

Final Thoughts

The duck is the greatest cause of humiliation for any batter. In contrast, it is one of the most exciting experiences for both the bowler and the fielding team. 

In 2023 ODI World Cup, who will get out for a Duck? Who will hold the record for Most Ducks this year? Let’s wait and see! 

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